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case studies

Putting Our Metrics Where Our Mouth Is

By focusing our efforts on what matters most, Business Efficacy has amassed an impressive 20+ year track record of client sales transformations. The custom solutions we offer are generated with your unique needs and resources in mind. Explore the differences we’ve made made for these clients..and start to see how we could unlock the power of your sales organization.

Client Results

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Overcoming Merger Adversity To Achieve Unprecedented Performance

Following lackluster first-quarter production, the organization needed to increase loan production by 30 percent to stay on track for their year-end goal. Adding to the challenge was the need to achieve this goal while in the midst of being acquired within six months.
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Transforming High-Performing Salespeople Into Sales Leaders

With a pressing need for more sales managers, the organization sought to promote talent from its existing sales force. But because ill-equipped sales managers would jeopardize critical organizational goals, the timeframe to develop effective sales managers had to be expedited.
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Establishing A Uniform Sales Culture

After two years of operating three companies separately, the organization realized it needed to create a single consistent sales and service culture. Adding to the challenge was undefined sales- and service-management accountabilities for regional managers, district managers and branch managers.

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Driving Breakthrough Performance

Business bankers’ apparent comfort with average sales performance and sales inefficiencies were contributing to less-than-desirable sales productivity. With competition intensifying, the bank needed stronger results to compete.

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Leveraging Existing Training To Propel Progress

After a grueling merger, the organization realized they had been too inwardly focused and had lost sight of new-client acquisition. A senior sales executive, the leader of one of five national regions, sought greater results with regard to this critical measure.
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Breaking Through Mediocrity

After years of predictable production, the sales management team had become complacent, with waning engagement and motivation. Needing to develop renewed focus, territory and production expansion, the group had to improve its sales-force talent level.