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sales management coaching

Bigger Breakthroughs Start with Better Managers

The skills that make a great sales rep typically don’t translate to being an effective sales manager. So we build leadership, management and coaching skills and help them apply those skills on the job to boost individual salesperson’s performance. And unlike other providers, we also tackle the effectiveness gaps that hold back “managers of managers” from adding relevant value.

Sales Manager Coaching team

Through coaching, we help you...

jump start icon

Jump-Start New Sales Managers

By helping new leaders productively implement critical sales manager fundamentals, we enable them to immediately add meaningful value to salespeople and the team.

[ 90 days ]

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Close Sales Execution Gaps

Through tri-level performance coaching, we help sales leaders tackle the gaps that hinder the consistent, effective execution of the sales activities that matter most.

[ 90 days ]

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Drive Sales Transformation

We equip sales leaders to better focus, motivate, and hold salespeople accountable to new organizational expectations and to quickly generate sustainable, measurable progress.

[ 90 days ]

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Instill Sales Leadership Excellence

By ensuring key sales leader fundamentals and skills are solidly in place and consistently executed, we help generate an environment that fosters breakthrough performance.

[ 6 months ]

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Empower Managers of Managers

We elevate the impact of senior sales leaders by equipping them to lead, manage and coach management activities, effectiveness and outcomes.

[ 3-6 months ]

Ready to start boosting performance at every level?


Our Sales Coaching Blueprint

[ half day ]

Jump Start Clinic

Equip the sales manager with new or advanced effectiveness skills or disciplines.
[ 90 days ]

Bi-Weekly Performance Coaching

Check-In (1 hr): Ensure focus, motivation, accountability and support to execute agreed-upon expectations.

Deep Dive (2-3 hrs): Observe the sales manager putting expectations into action with their direct reports; diagnosing progress and providing just-in-time development, support and focus.

[ half day ]

Acceleration Clinic

Affirm the sales manager’s progress, address current challenges, and action-plan to sustain progress.

How We Separate Ourselves from the Pack

Sales management coaching should be significantly more than developing their coaching or communication skills or getting them to implement a practice or a tool. Our projects start with determining the baselines of current and desired performance to define the project’s focus, objectives, and measure of success.

Business Efficacy diagnoses the skill or discipline that needs the most improvement and has the potential for a dramatic impact. We then equip sales managers to immediately apply that skill or discipline to accelerate improvement.

Coaching in a vacuum devoid of the organizational processes, programs or tools required to be used doesn’t add enough value nor help your sales managers become more effective in the real world. We make it a priority to integrate and apply all the key sales management systems through in-the-field coaching.

  • For Sales Managers: We conduct one-on-ones and provide observations, post-coaching debriefs, coaching moments, role-playing, modeling, and performance diagnosis.
  • For Managers of Managers: We enable and engage them by providing updates, tips, and consulting support to maximize their sales managers’ progress.
  • For Direct Reports: We deliver complimentary feedback and high-impact sales suggestions to accelerate their performance.

Kind Words from Coaching Clients

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