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Sales training

Never Off-The-Shelf.
Always On-The-Mark.

Unlike off-the-shelf, proprietary training products and processes, Business Efficacy integrates the sales strategies, tools and processes you’ve already invested in with proven industry best practices and expert guidance to minimize disruption and delays while maximizing adoption and success.
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Custom-Tailored for the Highest Impact

Our training experiences are tailored to what your people most need to learn and execute well. We develop in-the-field activities and creative follow-up tactics to ensure skills are put into practice. And we engage the next level of sales management to ensure the right focus, motivation, accountability, and support is provided throughout the journey from learning to mastery.

Sales Training Services

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Sales Process Design

Understand what important sales activities look like while motivating and preparing your teams to better execute them. We help business-to-business field sales, inside sales, and channel sales build their:
  • Acquisition sales process
  • Retention & grow their client sales process
  • Team engagement process
  • Customer experience process
  • Service process
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Sales Skills Training

Learn mission-critical sales skills for the execution of prioritized sales activities. Field, inside and channel sales walk away with better skills in:
  • Generating Referrals And Introductions
  • Generating Interest
  • Establishing Credibility
  • Needs Discovery 
  • Making Compelling Recommendations
  • Handling Objections
  • Negotiations
  • Prospecting
  • Account Management
  • Strategic Selling
  • Consultative Selling
  • Team-Based Selling
  • Business/Account Reviews
  • Communicating Value
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Kind Words from Sales Training Clients

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