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free sales leadership assessment

Are your sales managers ready to be true sales leaders?

Sales managers who gain insight into how well they execute transformational sales leadership behaviors are better equipped to drive positive impact, value and results.

Now, Business Efficacy is helping sales managers, leaders and executives gain crucial insight into execution gaps, development opportunities and future potential through our free sales leadership assessment.

Sales manager thinking
Manager coaching a salesperson

Examining the Fundamentals

Each sales leadership assessment is a multi-rater diagnostic on the six core fundamentals required for transformational impact:

Assessment Options

self arrow


Gain insights...

into your leadership effectiveness and impact based on self perception.

direct report arrow

Direct Report Assessment

Gain insights...

from direct reports illuminating the effectiveness and performance impact of their ongoing interactions.

peer arrows

Peer/Partner Assessment

Gain insights...

from peers and internal partners/resources highlighting how effective and impactful you are at engaging their support.

Manager arrow

Manager Assessment

Gain insights...

into your manager’s assessment of your effectiveness and impact-driving performance.

Signing up is as easy as 1-2-3

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Fill out and submit the form

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We’ll email you the link(s) to your free assessment(s)

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Once you’ve completed the assessment, we will run your reports and schedule your free individualized read-out call

You may choose any or all of the above, but we recommend choosing all four assessments for the greatest impact.