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case study

Establishing A Uniform Sales Culture

business type

Regional Bank

engagement service(s)
  • Sales Management Coaching
  • Customized Sales Training
the challenge
After two years of operating three companies separately, the organization realized it needed to create a single consistent sales and service culture. Adding to the challenge was undefined sales- and service-management accountabilities for regional managers, district managers and branch managers.
our solution

Business Efficacy’s plan began with providing clarity and alignment regarding the activities branch managers could use to drive sales. A 30-day branch-manager custom training program was designed to make it possible to implement and execute in the field while also jump-starting district managers’ efforts to coach execution. As part of the plan:

  • District and regional managers received one-on-one, in-the-field coaching support to ensure they properly equipped their teams to put the newly defined behaviors into practice.
  • Two workshops helped develop the organization’s internal consultants, ensuring they understood the coaching routines for all levels of management and giving them the ability to replicate the program.
  • Managers were taught to integrate accountabilities into current programs.
  • Two quarterly workshops helped district managers further their development and address emerging organizational challenges and changes.

Business Efficacy established these objectives via an all-day “clinic” and reinforced them through in-the-field coaching support.

the results

Despite years of differing cultures and ambiguous accountability, the organization realized a remarkable turnaround in only 90 days. Along with the following results, sales per customer nearly tripled! 


Increase in new accounts


Dollar Volume Increase


Increase in Teller Referrals to Business Bankers 
quotation marks
“Business Efficacy knows how to equip senior management to implement any change. They gave us quality tools and the field support necessary to successfully implement any change moving forward. Our management team’s confidence and ability to continue execution of changes introduced, and new ones coming, is very high.”
— Senior Vice President

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Linda Maxwell

Linda Maxwell


Early in her career, Linda Maxwell saw companies of all kinds spend thousands and even millions of dollars on sales training and strategies, only to see them fail to put those lessons to use. It was the impetus for her efforts to co-found Business Efficacy.

Today, as Business Efficacy’s CEO, Linda leads a team of experienced consultants who not only work to share a wealth of proven sales knowledge with clients but to drive execution on the activities that matter most. Working with sales managers and other leaders responsible for business development, she and her team help organizations transform their sales mindset and processes to achieve real and sustainable growth.

Linda’s insights help identify and eliminate barriers to success. She equips sales leaders with practical and effective tools aimed at fostering their development. And she offers strategies that help clients quickly and confidently lay a path to higher levels of performance.

Anyone who has worked with Linda knows it’s a challenge that inspires her and one that she pursues with great passion.