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Business Efficacy specializes in sales management consulting, coaching, and customized training for mid- and large-sized financial services, technology, and B2B companies. We’ve spent more than two decades working side-by-side with clients in these industries, giving us a valuable understanding of industry-specific pain points and pitfalls, and helping us guide sales managers and sales leaders with knowledge and empathy.

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Financial Services

We specialize in transforming banking sales strategies by tackling issues and barriers that hinder sales execution and sustainable change within all financial services business lines. We focus our efforts on areas that drive the fastest, most complete sales transformation for your company, including strengthening your sales leadership practices and sales processes, building playbooks, and developing hands-on training experiences.
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Business Efficacy produces the right behavior change in the right people to quickly generate progress by designing your sales process, customizing sales skills learning experiences, enabling your sales managers to lead, manage and coach breakthrough execution, and engaging everyone in the transformation journey.
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Sales managers have the most impact on a salesperson’s or sales team’s performance, but they are often unaware of what they can or need to do differently to make an impact. They do know they want to quickly execute sales strategies, change sales behaviors, and get others to support their team’s effort. We make sales managers aware of what they can do differently, and we strengthen their practices and skills to make a meaningful impact on execution and results.
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