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sales leadership boot camps

Breaking Down Barriers. Building Up Leaders.

Business Efficacy offers a series of in-person and virtual Sales Leadership Boot Camps aimed at breaking through common barriers and turning sales managers into true sales leaders. Each customized boot camp centers on driving your company’s targeted goals, tackling sales execution priorities, and determining measures of progress. And we’ll integrate your sales processes, programs and tools into all aspects of the 90-day experience.
Sales Leadership Boot Camp Insructor

Our Boot Camps

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Ignite Sales Performance

Equip sales leaders to provide immediate, relevant value as they lead, manage, and coach their people to take on work environment challenges.

  • Discern the value sales management needs to provide and how it’s different in challenging times
  • Examine the job to be done by sales management that enables immediate sales effectiveness and performance
  • Explore current sales leader best practices that quickly enable:
    • Focus on what matters most today
    • Willingness and readiness to execute prioritized expectations
    • Competence and confidence to effectively perform
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Drive Accountability

Master key sales management disciplines required to keep salespeople focused and executing what matters most.
  • Gain commitment to the activities and behaviors that need to be done well to achieve targeted results
  • Execute sales leader, manager and coach disciplines that add value and impact
  • Conduct accountability conversations that drive performance improvement
  • Add meaningful value in every interaction that drives better individual performance
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Hire Top Talent

Become skilled in the fundamentals of recruiting, assessing, and selecting top talent and building a high-performing team.
  • Source and recruit high potential candidates
  • Identify and prioritize the right talents for the role and what good enough looks like
  • Conduct behavior-based interviews that gather insightful information on required sales talents
  • Assess a candidate’s fit for the role using an objective decision-making process
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Inspire Sales Performance

Learn breakthrough leadership tactics on how to productively engage and inspire individuals and teams to desired levels of sales performance.
  • Connect with each generation in a way that gains maximum engagement and productivity
  • Gain buy-in and commitment to organizational goals, changes, and requirements
  • Motivate all individuals to meet or exceed organizational expectations
  • Address resistance, lack of confidence, discomfort and other barriers to the execution of critical sales behaviors
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Tackle Sales Execution Challenges

Develop skills to diagnose execution challenges, resolve performance gaps, and enable individual peak sales performance.
  • Gather and use the right sales activity, pipeline, and results data to effectively analyze individual performance
  • Diagnose why individual sales performance gaps exist
  • Determine the best means to productively address the gap
  • Implement development tactics that drive improved performance
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Boost Partner Engagement

Build the capability to establish and strengthen partnering and collaboration with internal or external resources, within and across your sales teams, for short- or long-term outcomes.

  • Establish and gain commitment to mutual goals that matter
  • Clarify and confirm behavioral expectations and measures of progress for all involved
  • Communicate the right information at the right time in the right way to ensure optimal collaboration and support
  • Provide quality peer-to-peer feedback enabling ongoing continuous improvement
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Statistics show training alone doesn’t work. That’s why we anchor each Sales Leadership Boot Camp with our proven 90-day Learning-Into-Action approach.
In-The-Field Activities
Biweekly activities that help sales leaders execute practical, critical skills step-by-step, one at a time over a 90-day period. These help sales leaders easily and immediately incorporate the new skills into their regular routines upon returning to the job.
Three monthly, one-hour sessions to acknowledge progress, celebrate success and address challenges. This problem-solving forum is engineered to provide just-in-time support to ensure continued momentum and measurable progress each month.
Three monthly, 30-minute sales executive consulting sessions offering tips on how to best support and ensure the new skills get put into action. These sessions help sales executives demonstrate the necessary leadership to drive short- and long-term execution of the new skills.
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