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Step One to Igniting Sales Performance Now!

The evidence is getting stronger as we enter year three of COVID. Transformational sales leaders and managers are discovering and executing emerging sales leadership practices that are moving their teams forward and driving performance. These practices are resulting in the retention of top talent, adoption of new sales best practices, and breakthrough sales performance. What is it they are doing that produces such dramatically different outcomes?

Our studies show evidence of numerous recent leadership pivots with one being most prevalent − a mindset pivot. Today’s transformational sales leaders know and believe that mindset matters. They recognize what happens when a breakthrough mindset is focused, driven, and applied consistently. It fuels and directs people’s energy, efforts, and behaviors which ultimately drives performance.

  • Given the overarching power of mindset, it is step one to igniting sales performance. The best sales leaders choose a mindset based on what they want at the center of their culture, the dominant attitude of their people, and their own core mantra. Consider the implications and unintentional consequences of the following mindsets:
  • Entitlement mindset versus performance mindset
  • Compliance mindset versus excellence mindset
  • Despair mindset versus resilient mindset
  • Status quo mindset versus growth mindset
  • Compete mindset versus a winner mindset


Mindset Graphic

The mindsets on the left are what happens when mindsets are not proactively cultivated. They tend to reflect mediocrity. The outcomes are predictably disappointing. The mindsets on the right are the opposite and drive breakthrough transformation and performance.

We all know the mindset of an individual and team is a differentiator. What transformational sales leaders solidly grasp is how huge the payoff is for making a choice to build the desired mindset. This is why they so aggressively promote, demand, and model their mindset at every level within the organization. This is one differentiator the competition can’t easily replicate which makes it even more valuable!

Have you chosen the mindset for you and your team? If you haven’t, it’s already been chosen by them and it’s a safe bet it’s not one that will ignite their performance and make them a winning team. It’s never too late to take the first step to be transformational sales leaders. Choose the mindset you want for you and your team and start putting it at the center of all you do.

Stay tuned for more emerging sales leadership best practices!

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