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Resilience: 2021’s Sales Silver Bullet

The hope of many sales organizations as we rolled into 2021 was “back to normal” which has turned out to not be the case. COVID is not gone and the “next normal” is not here yet. Sales goals have not disappeared, and the year is clicking along fast. Many salespeople and sales managers are fatigued, frustrated, confused, and challenged to embrace today’s opportunity. This is not a surprise given the 2x effort that is frequently required to get appointments, create urgency, or gain approvals. The top performers are doubling down on resilience with more discipline, diligence, and laser focus, and it’s paying off. With this being the reality, tapping into resilience is the possible silver bullet to 2021 success. The question is, how do sales managers do that for themselves and their people?

Underlining resilience is a positive mindset, an attitude or belief. It’s sustained and strengthened by execution of consistent disciplines or routines that focus the conscious and unconscious force that is within all of us. Enabling this sounds complicated and academic (which it can be), time consuming (which is something we don’t have), and overwhelming (which it doesn’t have to be). Resilience needs to be tapped into now and can be accessed by doing any of a number of simple tactics for yourself or for your people. Below are the tactics we at Business Efficacy have seen and are successfully promoting and enabling today.


Resilience Graphic


RESOLVE to take it on.

Each day begins with choices. We can choose to accept defeat, not choose and let the day happen to us, or choose to take on opportunities presented. Those that choose to take it on say “yes I can” and “yes I will” daily knowing the alternative has less desirable outcomes and consequences.

ENCOURAGE yourself daily.

Resilience requires consistent positive feedback, affirmation, and support. The only way to ensure it is consistent and relevant is for it to come from within ourselves. Be bold and give yourselves the pep talks, provide the evidence and proof of your progress, and fill your minds with beliefs that strengthen your resolve to push onward.

STEP up today.

Many make promises to take action “tomorrow” only to find “tomorrow” never comes. Resilience is about stepping up to the task that needs to be done today even if it’s just taking one step forward. Forward progress is forward progress. Step up and make something meaningful happen with “what matters most” each day.

IMPERFECTIONS are opportunities.

Nobody is perfect so expecting perfection is an energy depleting mindset. View missteps, mistakes, and miscalculations as learning opportunities. Look for the breakthrough insight and immediately put it into action.

LISTEN to enabling messages.

There is a constant dose of negativity, anger, resistance, and nay saying in today’s environment. It will stop anybody from moving forward if you expose yourself to negative social media, unengaged co-workers, and unfiltered information outlets. Shield and protect yourself from this negative energy and instead tap into what is positive inside you.

IGNITE your mind and body.

Well trained, exercised, or fueled minds and bodies have high energy and accomplish the extraordinary. Do one thing each day that positively fuels the body (exercise, food) and mind (meditation, journaling, reading) enabling it to perform at peak levels.

EXPERIENCE the success.

Humans are wired to see or remember what is wrong or a misstep versus seeing or remembering a success. Take the time to see and experience all the positive activities, relationships, and progress building momentum for what is possible tomorrow.

NEVER give up.

Forward progress tends to not be a straight line. That means each turn, sidetrack or speed bump is only a detour which can still get us to our destination. Know that everybody derails at times. What is key is acknowledging that truth and focusing our energy into putting ourselves back on the right track.

COMPLETE a task.

Ending the day with no proof of accomplishment depletes energy for tomorrow’s challenges. Always make sure to complete a meaningful task each day which will provide evidence of your self-value, discipline, and ability.

EFFORT one tactic.

Resilience takes effort and commitment. If it was easy, everyone would do it. It is simple, however. All you need to do is pick one resilience tactic and stay with it. All of us can take on one thing!

These lessons and insights come from ordinary people who have done great things in the military, business, religion, government, and education. Those that were resilient chose to be that way. You too can choose resilience for yourself and inspire others around you to do the same! Be the difference maker for you, your team, and your sales organization!

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