Driving Breakthrough Performance


    Business bankers’ apparent comfort with average sales performance and sales inefficiencies were contributing to less-than-desirable sales productivity. Business bankers had become single-product focused, caught up in low-impact administrative activities and blaming inactivity on poor price or weak marketing. With competition intensifying, the bank needed stronger results to compete.

    Business Efficacy identified a lack of management clarity and accountability with regard to the activities required to drive business banker productivity. In response, Business Efficacy developed a six-month coaching program to obtain breakthrough sales performance through improved coaching skills. The program got senior managers to get business banking managers to:

    • Regularly track key sales activities and results
    • Analyze activities for effectiveness and improvement opportunities
    • Develop business bankers’ ability to identify and sell to clients’ needs

    Every manager experienced outstanding results—successfully coaching their bankers to reach their breakthrough goal in 90 days. Then Business Efficacy facilitated a meeting to capture lessons and prepare senior management to repeat the process with managers and additional bankers. Overall, the number of bankers achieving sales-excellence honors increased from 20 percent at the start of the coaching program to 40 percent after nine months.

    “I want you to know the significance of the performance improvement that was generated as a result of the coaching activities done by the Business Efficacy team. These results are amazing. You should be taking these numbers and telling the world about what type of impact you can have.” – Market President

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