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    Transforming High-Performing Salespeople into Sales Leaders


    With a pressing need for more sales managers, the organization sought to promote talent from its existing sales force. But because ill-equipped sales managers would jeopardize critical organizational goals, the timeframe to develop effective sales managers had to be expedited. A pragmatic sales leadership onboarding approach that prepares new sales managers to execute on day-one had to be created.

    The solution included the design and facilitation of a rigorous nine-month sales leadership development experience. The experience focused on four critical accountabilities: Hiring the right sales talent, inspiring performance, driving accountability, and taking on sales execution challenges.

    Every 90 days a one-day workshop kicked off the next phase, with all learning activities applied to the client’s current processes, methodologies, tools and customer scenarios. Follow-up activities included weekly in-the-field activities reflecting real on-the-job practice situations and monthly teleconferences providing ongoing focus, motivation and accountability.

    The managers coming out of the program were quickly outperforming existing managers as the executive sponsor stated “we have one problem with the program, the people coming out of the new sales manager program developed by Business Efficacy are outperforming our existing managers.”

    “The LDP (Leadership Development Program) has made an amazing impact to our organization due to its unique design.  Business Efficacy helped us get aligned on the right sales leadership talents, custom designed a set of experiences that emphasized the most pragmatic and critical skills that new leaders most need on day one, incorporated our sales processes and tools into the approach, and productively engaged senior leadership in creating shared ownership for the approach’s success. I now make L.E.A.D. a mandatory requirement before anyone gets considered for a sales management role. It’s that important.”
    – Alesa Gibson, Vice President of Corporate & Research Sales, CCH


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