Overcoming Merger Adversity to Achieve Unprecedented Performance


    Following lackluster first-quarter production, the organization needed to increase loan production by 30 percent to stay on track for their year-end goal. Adding to the challenge was the need to achieve this goal while in the midst of being acquired within six months.

    Knowing management holds the keys to performance, Business Efficacy equipped mid-level managers to more effectively focus, motivate and hold their people accountable to the activities that matter most. An accelerated 90-day performance coaching program was introduced for regional managers and the director of branch banking. Alignment and priorities were established for 1) performance metrics 2) high-impact activities 3) sales-leader activities, tools and skills.

    Business Efficacy then worked side-by-side with each regional manager in the field as they coached their teams.

    The bank exceeded its goal by more than 500 percent! Perhaps even more remarkably, the results were driven by people uncertain about what the future of the merged organization held.

    Noteworthy milestones achieved through the engagement:

    • Largest monthly loan production in the history of the bank in May and June
    • Surpassed Commercial Lending Division in loan production for the first time ever
    • Lowest-performing region experienced 483-percent quarterly growth. Wait also achieved a 114-percent quota in June and a pipeline exceeding 100 percent in July.
    • Second-lowest-performing region experienced 300-percent quarterly growth, with 130 percent of quota achieved for June
    • The highest-performing region experienced 208-percent quarterly growth. Its $8.9 million June production significantly outpaced the previous monthly record of $6.5 million.
    • A 183-percent increase in division loan-production revenue over the first quarter, with a 68-percent increase in growth from May to June.

    “I’ve never had someone so productively challenge me to become a more effective sales leader.  Linda helped me see my opportunities for growth that I couldn’t see and then gave me the support needed for me to get breakthrough” -Regional Manager

    “I’m so impressed with how each of the Regional Managers were able to get breakthrough.  Each Regional Manager significantly improved their effectiveness and ability to improve branch performance.   I didn’t think it possible in this short a period of time nor with this degree of impact.” -Director of Branch Banking

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