In his past experience, Tom has held many executive roles in leadership, sales management, operations, and consulting. As president and senior vice president for two different major organizations, he successfully developed and implemented many effective programs resulting in sustainable change that lead to company-wide record sales and profits, never previously experienced.

At Business Efficacy, Tom works closely with senior sales leaders at all levels to get year-over-year improvements in productivity and revenue generation. Along the way, he has mentored leaders to think more critically, add value to their teams, hold their people accountable, and drive execution at extraordinary levels.

Tom treats everyone he works with, across all diverse business segments, as unique individuals to truly explore what’s most important, and to figure out what behavior changes matter most and are needed to achieve long-term success.

Tom’s genuine love of people and diehard commitment to making a difference makes him a key player on the Business Efficacy team. It is his energy and spirit that motivates and inspires all leaders, making him a unique contributor and highly valued senior consultant.

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