Tim’s 20+ years of experience as a Senior Sales Leader and General Manager has resulted in the consistent delivery of financial commitments and strategic imperatives. As a driven leader, Tim brings a people-oriented philosophy that empowers people to take control to maximize their potential and deliver on a broad set of expectations.

Having been responsible for leading sales organizations as large as 1,000 employees and independent sales representatives, Tim has developed sales strategies and implemented plans that were designed to develop a world-class sales organization that would ultimately deliver a sales culture that enabled sustainable organic growth. Having developed and implemented multiple channel and organizational restructuring plans, Tim has firsthand experience with the change management and coaching needed to implement the transformation that will deliver on the financial and strategic imperatives.

Tim’s communication skills have galvanized business partners around a vision, aided in negotiating effective solutions with stakeholders and persuading people to act. Tim’s biggest rewards come from seeing an organization realize prosperity that ultimately facilitates or empowers the employees to be successful both personally and professionally

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