Steve is masterful at moving his clients out of their comfort zones and into new areas for breakthrough performance. For over 20 years, he’s trained and coached sales managers, sales leaders and sales professionals in numerous industries and cultures globally. He’s highly skilled at leveraging his vast experiences to recognize resistance in people and challenge them to rethink their viewpoints from different, more productive angles.

Clients appreciate Steve’s blend of IQ, EQ and humor that enables him to have impact and influence across a wide variety of circumstances. He believes in communicating from a place of honesty and integrity to help drive influence. His facilitation and coaching approach creates an atmosphere that helps his clients move past old habits that may no longer be serving them, ultimately driving impact faster.

Steve loves seeing sales managers have their “moment of clarity” – seeing them recognize what they can do differently and the impact it will ultimately have on their business and their life.

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Tim Wolfe