Steve’s passion is helping organizations accelerate growth of their business through improved revenue-generating operations. Steve brings a global perspective to his work from his on-the-ground engagements in over 40 countries. A common theme from Steve’s background is his relentless focus on identifying and developing top leadership and sales talent − and building the ‘mission perfect’ teams – critical to the successful execution of an organization’s strategy.

Steve’s credibility is rooted in his 35+ years of global operational experience helping some of the world’s largest technology companies and thousands of professionals be more successful by holistically focusing on strategy, go-to-market, operating models, sales, services, organizational structure, management of change, and execution priorities. His background as both a multi-billion dollar P&L owner and a global sales leader allow him to bring a wealth of real-world experience to the table when working with organizations and their sales teams.

A hallmark of Steve’s approach when leading change across an organization is his perspective of ‘I am the field.’ In simple terms, he believes in being hands-on, field-centric, and walking the talk – with a relentless focus on execution priorities and success from the perspective of those being asked to evolve and change.

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