Lisa WicklmanPARTNER

Lisa delivers top and bottom-line results for her clients by equipping sales management to stop the insanity and focus sales execution on what matters most.

In her role as Partner, Lisa works alongside Business Efficacy’s CEO to shape and execute the company’s growth strategy and to ensure their clients achieve breakthrough levels of sales results.

Over the past 20+ years, Lisa has achieved real and sustainable growth with sales teams of all sizes, throughout multiple industries globally. She has amassed valuable insight for knowing what needs to be done to move things forward, especially in the key sales leadership roles.

Lisa views the impact of problems and solutions through the lens of the front-line sales manager, the salesperson, and the customer. This approach ensures pragmatic recommendations and faster execution to drive the desired change.

Lisa has worked extensively in the financial services industry, where B2B and B2C sales activities are highly scrutinized and regulated. She knows how to evoke change in the areas that matter most while being mindful of the given realities. These experiences have benefitted her clients across all industries.

To this day, Lisa still encounters many of the same issues that have plagued sales teams for decades. It’s time to stop the insanity.

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