Jim has extensive experience in a variety of sales leadership and executive roles, and a wide range of industries and professions. As a University Administrator, Regional Sales Director, National Account Manager, Operations Manager, Performance Consultant and Fundraising Executive, he has been an effective and transformational leader, mentor and coach to countless colleagues, clients and associates.

One consistent theme in Jim’s work is how he helps organizations and individuals achieve success. He starts with the alignment of their goals with the attainment of the right critical skills, values and talents, and then guides them on the development journey. He designs, develops and delivers powerful learning experiences for diverse levels of experience and industries such as financial services, medical fields, training, education, and staffing. He has coached front-line customer facing colleagues all the way to C-Suite executives giving him deep insights into the challenges and pragmatic approach required for impactful progress.

With a master’s degree in counseling, Jim is an effective listener and coach who takes complex sales issues and concepts, and boils them down, making them easier to understand, tackle and implement. Jim’s expertise, humor and commitment to making an impact, prove him to be someone who always makes a difference.

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