Jay’s 20+ years of experience in a wide variety of corporate positions ranging from sales and marketing leadership roles, human resources and finance gives him a great understanding of the synergy and performance possible when teams work together towards success. He is a strong proponent for the field organization and works with sales leaders to develop their sales process, sales leadership skills, sales management disciplines, and recruiting and onboarding effectiveness.

Jay’s many different roles have helped develop and refine his expertise and passion for vision, strategy and execution, developing experienced leaders, personal accountability and empathetic leadership. Jay excels at uncovering growth opportunities for all team members and bringing them together through active and supportive leadership to create profitable growth.

From his roles in sales, sales leadership and sales coaching, Jay understands the importance of the sales leadership role and has developed high-performance teams and strong selling organizations. Active in coaching and mentoring his entire career, Jay brings a positive sense of urgency sprinkled with a good dose of humor to every opportunity. He believes commitment, ownership and passion are the key ingredients in any situation that will elevate strategy to successful goal achievement.

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