Eric EngwallAlliance Partner


Eric’s entire career in business has focused on two passions: helping people and the organizations they inhabit to build stronger relationships, and being more effective at what they do. He has been a national account manager, led an inside sales group, a senior consultant for a leading talent management firm, and became the sales effectiveness practice leader. Currently, he is the owner and president of E.G. Insight, Inc. – a firm focused on equipping clients to gather feedback from their most valued customers.

As part of Business Efficacy’s extended team, Eric helps clients to measure the health of customer relationships and to gain deep understanding of what their most important customers expect and need from them, both today and into the future. He and his colleagues at E.G. Insight specialize in equipping clients to gather strategic insights from senior contacts in critical customers. His client work requires him to deliver candid messages to senior leaders, creating the urgency and commitment required to overcome organizational inertia and solve real problems or pursue new business opportunities.

Over the years Eric has worked with clients such as Cargill Inc., Eaton Corporation, Fluor Corporation, Wells Fargo, Shell, and Becton Dickinson. Regardless of the client he’s working with, he claims “I take my work seriously, but not myself” as his professional motto. His sincerity, commitment, and humor make him a trusted advisor to his clients and a valued contributor to Business Efficacy.

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