Butch’s career includes a very distinguished and notable background in banking management. He has served as a business banking manager for Wells Fargo, and throughout his work he has led business banking divisions through acquisitions, organized regional leadership teams, and served on regional business advisory councils.

Butch firmly believes in respectful relationships between leaders and teams, and practices the same environment when coaching and consulting. Just as important, Butch also believes in complete participation from leaders. Showing your team when you roll up your sleeves and get involved, you are completely and truly sincere and very conscious to be committed to the overall success of every individual as well as the team.

Coaching and leading, to Butch, means getting people to make a pledge to not only the learning process that Butch so uniquely provides, but to make a promise to themselves as well to do the work that needs to get done to reach the agreed upon goals. He is steadfastly passionate about taking the time, putting in all energy, creating the right learning environment, and genuinely invests in his clients to allow for the confidence needed to do the best possible work to reach unthinkable success.

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