Al started his career after earning his doctorate in psychology with a focus on applied behavior analysis and human learning. He has held many positions including training manager, manager of instructional design, senior instructional designer, director of product development, and vice president of special design. Al also co-founded Learning Masters, Inc.

Al works collaboratively with Business Efficacy, bringing his extensive experience and expertise to every project. His entire career has centered on performance improvement, and utilizing technology and media to enhance the training experience for every adult learner. The majority of his projects have focused on helping salespeople and sales managers become more effective.

Al is passionate about closing performance gaps. He works closely with clients to design creative and practical training solutions—traditional solutions like instructor-led workshops or contemporary solutions like eLearning. Al knows what adult learners expect, how to engage them in the learning process, and how to develop knowledge and skills they can apply on the job.

Dedicated to partnering, and not just delivering services, Al forms very close working relationships early on in his developmental process. Al has been continuously praised for his level of quality, always exceeding expectations and leaving the client delighted.

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