The Fundamental Great Sales Leaders Never Miss or Forget

Do you feel like you and/or your sales managers are…

  • Already doing all the right sales management activities
  • Executing the coaching skills required to drive performance
  • Working harder and using all the tools your organization is mandating

…and yet you are not getting breakthrough results? So what’s the missing link?

It’s focus – focus on what matters most! A deceptively simple concept that managers often neglect to understand or appreciate, much less execute. The challenge within focus on what matters most is that most managers think they are already focusing on what matters most by continuing to inspect the sales results, forecasts and quantity of calls and appointments. These are important, but if sales managers fail to prioritize and drive the few behaviors that are most critical to improved performance, they’re going to get what they’ve always got. If you want to have maximum impact, you must aggressively focus on the behaviors and sales activities that matter most to driving successful execution of today’s strategies. That’s the game changer.

KNOW What Matters Most

If you want and need sales people to execute a different activity or behavior in order to achieve a different outcome, you must know what must be done well to get that transformation. This means that first you must be clear on the four fundamentals required for success on the breakthrough outcome:

  1. What are the few high impact sales activities or behaviors that must be done well to drive increased performance?
  2. Who must the activities or behaviors be done with in order to generate the best success?
  3. How many of the activities or behaviors must be done to reach the level of success required (quantity of calls or appointments)?
  4. What is the best leading indicator of progress on what matters most (lead or introduction, pipeline addition, pipeline move, referral)?

Managers must be open to emerging sales best practices, new sales responsibilities and doing sales differently…and know how to productively prioritize those new and different behaviors for their sales people.

CHALLENGE YOURSELF: How well have you defined the behaviors that matters most to get breakthrough for the team and individuals on the team?

MEASURE What Matters Most

Sales transformation initiatives often fail because managers don’t determine how to consistently inspect and measure progress on these four fundamentals. There is no way to hold salespeople accountable, help them become better or motivate them to execute well if you don’t know what’s being done. We must stop, take the time to determine how best to gain insight into execution and then “just do it.”

CHALLENGE YOURSELF: How well have you obtained quality information on your sales people’s execution of what matters most…or are you still inspecting what you used to expect?

CONCENTRATE Management Activities on What Matters Most

We often see sales managers who set a behavioral expectation and then don’t incorporate that expectation into their one-on-ones or coaching conversations, joint call preparations, observations or post-call debriefs. Sales manager activities are designed to get and keep sales people focused, motivated, accountable and prepared to execute well what matters most. If the manager doesn’t integrate what matters most into those activities, how can that manager expect to make a meaningful difference? When salespeople see disconnects between their sales managers’ talk and actions about what matters most, sales people push back on expectations, claim to be micromanaged, and resist joint calling.

CHALLENGE YOURSELF: How well have you integrated what matters most into your management activities…or are you still doing what you’ve been doing even though what matters most has changed?

Want to make a bigger impact and drive more results faster? Focus your sales management activities and coaching on what your salespeople most need to execute well!

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