It’s All About Them!

Managers often express how much they enjoy coaching because it provides the opportunity to help others become successful. Yet various surveys, used to analyze the growing turnover trend, indicate that insufficient management support is a leading reason employees leave a job. This paradox leads to an obvious conclusion: something major is not working in everyday management execution. The best way to address this is to get managers focused on two key ideas: always provide value to each employee during every interaction, and make sure it is provided from the employee’s perspective. This is only possible when a manager coaches from a mindset of making every interaction “all about them.”

It takes perseverance, discipline, and skill to be effective at focusing on others more than oneself, especially in today’s business environment. The pace of change and the demand for just-in-time performance excellence exacerbates survival of the fittest instincts. There is no slowdown in sight regarding the quantity of management task demands. Many managers, consciously or unconsciously, cope by only taking care of themselves as they strive for some semblance of a balanced life. Yet, “it’s all about me” significantly blocks what must be done to coach performance excellence.

“This paradox leads to an obvious conclusion: something major is not working in everyday management execution.”

Great leaders and teachers fundamentally operate from a set of behaviors that is outwardly focused. Effective coaching is all about finding ways to help others achieve success. The great ones know that when they lead others to performance success, personal success and fulfillment follows naturally. They cope with demands through leveraging people performance. Their mindset is “it’s all about them.” How that gets applied is different based on a manager’s style, situation, and strengths. Still there are a few fundamental drivers for being “all about them.”

Convey through action one’s commitment to helping others. 

Never miss an opportunity to help an individual improve. Seizing every opportunity to point out things that are being done well and encouraging continuity is essential. Likewise, it is vital to immediately address situations that need improvement. Discuss why something is not happening and quickly problem solve together to drive needed change. Be laser-beam focused on improvement, knowing that if progress isn’t made, an individual loses.

Know and leverage each individual’s passions and motivations. 

Take advantage of the fundamental truth that individuals do things for their own reasons. Help each person know how job tasks and requirements contribute to achieving the things most valued to them. Start by discovering what each individual wants most from the job. Doing this is easy – simply ask and talk about it, individual by individual.

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