How to Make Sales Strategies Stick

Sales managers spend a significant amount of time analyzing and deciding what strategies can best move their organization forward. Then they switch gears and speed up, choosing methods that are all about efficiency. But efficiency doesn’t equal effectiveness. And managers who assume they have successfully communicated a strategy and launched off find themselves frustrated when there is little to no change. This doesn’t mean the strategy wasn’t solid. It means you can’t shortcut what’s required to get a strategy into execution.

Lead the path to change by following these three remaining steps after you’ve communicated the strategy (step 1) to your team.

Step Two – Translate
Everyone hears messages and chooses to interpret the communication differently based on their own set of experiences, motives, and situations. Care must be given to help each individual understand how the strategy applies to them. Answer questions well to create a willingness and readiness to change within each person.

Step Three – Enable
Many times people want to do what’s asked of them, but they lack direction. It’s the manager’s job to help define activities specifically to pave the road for success. Ensuring someone is focused, prepared, and committed jumpstarts the initial change implementation.

Step Four – Challenge and Support
Change is difficult. Even if someone is willing, ready, and enabled there is still the likelihood they will not execute. Management needs to be prepared to hold individuals accountable and create urgency for execution. Managers must also be prepared to immediately recognize progress and provide assistance when barriers or issues arise that hinder an individual’s progress. Managers provide the momentum that get people to do what needs to be done, which gets execution to transpire.

It’s obvious managers must be the first individuals to change when a new strategy needs to move forward. And unless managers execute these steps, most strategies end up being great ideas that never live up to their potential. Don’t waste a great idea. Make your strategies make a difference and stick. Take the time to do what’s required to get your strategy into action.

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